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KA & MG Weekly Fanfiction Drabbles
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Drabbles for works by Michael Grant and/or K.A. Applegate

KA & MG Weekly Fanfiction Drabbles

How does the community work?:

This is a weekly drabble prompt community modelled on the excellent tolkien_weekly.
A new prompt is posted each Friday, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Some topics will be themed (e.g. seasons), some will be unthemed. Feel free to suggest themes by PMing the moderator.

You’ve got one week to write as many drabbles as you wish for the prompt.

Entries will be tagged by author, theme or prompt, character name and series.

How do I format my drabbles?

Please see the sticky post (the very top entry in the community).

Where can I post drabbles?

You can post directly to the community, or link to another page. Crossposting is welcome. You’re also allowed to use your drabbles for challenges in other communities, such as ka_verse. This is for fun, we’re not exclusive about it.

Drabbles can also be posted to animorphs, animorphsfanfic, animorphs100, __remnants, perdido_beach or everworld.
(Let me know if you find other LJ communities for the other works of KA and MG!)
There are also multi-fandom archives, notably FFN and A03.

What do you define as a drabble?

As per the name, for our purposes a drabble is exactly 100 words. That's what makes it fun, right?

Which books/series are eligible?

Anything by Michael Grant and/or K.A. Applegate is eligible. This means you can write for any or all of the following categories:
a) works by Michael Grant only (e.g. Gone)
b) works by K.A. Applegate only (e.g. Making Out)
c) works by both of them (e.g. Animorphs)

We do not accept drabbles about works not written by either of these two authors.
Real Person Fiction (RPF) is also not allowed.

Can I write for past prompts?

Go for it! The more the merrier! But please make sure to tag your works. If you need a new tag let me know in your entry. But at least tag for characters and prompts.

I have further questions. What can I do?
Please contact the moderator (with_rainfall) via PM and she’ll be happy to help!


Rules of Conduct

1. Please be polite and civil. Trolling, harassing and wankbaiting are not permitted.
If you disagree with someone that’s fine, but there are mature ways to express your opinion. Trolls and sockpuppet accounts will be banned forthwith.

2. Do not attack an author based on their choice of character, sexual orientation (e.g. slash), pairing or kink (e.g. genderswap). “OMG how dare you write Rachel/Marco? I hate them!” is an example of a flame and will not be tolerated. You will be warned twice, and then banned.

3. Please post appropriate ratings and warnings on your fic. Failure to do this twice in a row will result in a warning; a third time will get you banned.

4. Discriminatory comments against anyone - that is, derogatory comments about race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or age - are not allowed. Discussion and polite explanations are fine, vilification is not.

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